The 6 week postnatal appointment

The anticipation of the positive pregnancy test, sharing the news with family and friends to all the decisions that come with; pregnancy and childbirth can be overwhelming.

So…you’ve booked in for your:

✅ Paediatrician follow-up

✅ Gynaecological/Obstetrician follow-up

✅ Lactation consultant appointment

✅ Well baby clinic follow-up

✅ Signed up for mum and bubs classes

🤷🏽‍♀️ 6 week Women’s Health Physiotherapy appointment…Hmmm



It is a 1-hour long discussion ABOUT YOU.

Firstly, we’ll have a good debrief on your pregnancy, birth story and what your goals are.

Secondly, I will ask number questions (read: interrogation) about your past medical history, aches/pains, pelvic health status, sex, sleep, feeding and exercise.

Thirdly, depending on your symptoms and goals, I will move onto assessment of:


Usually your Dr will cover the following in a very short space of time:

  • Screen for Postnatal Depression
  • Check that the cervix has closed up
  • A conversation about birth control and family planning
  • A check of the healing stitches (either perineal/vaginal or from a Caesarean section
  • Conduct a pap smear if it’s due
  • And give you the go ahead to exercise

You might be lucky if your Dr checks for the presence of diastasis recti, asks you do pelvic floor exercises or even refer you for a Women’s Health Physio assessment (if you know of this unicorn- please please please share details!).

RANT: I fail to see how the above can help your Dr advise you to go ahead with exercise…just saying…


After your 6 week check up with your Obstetrician/Gynaecologist is a great time to book in, though not essential.

Waiting for 6 weeks allows for the body to do what its designed to do best- heal with time. If you are experiencing changes that bother you PLEASE come in sooner.

These changes may include the following:

  • Bowel changes-constipation, incontinence, haemorrhoids, urgency
  • Bladder changes- incontinence, hesitancy, frequency, urgency, retention
  • Pelvic pressure or heaviness, visualisation or a lump or bulge in the vagina
  • Perineal Trauma- pain from your tear or episiotomy
  • Pelvic girdle, neck, back or wrist pain
  • Itching to return to exercise ASAP and would like guidance

In these cases getting care sooner rather than later can allow for assessment, education and equip you with the skills necessary to optimise your recovery and give to you the reassurance you need. Life’s already tough with a newborn, let’s take the guess work out of it.


YES! I say this as a professional and from my personal- mum of 3- point of view.

When it comes to Postnatal Physiotherapy, the French have got this right. Rééducation Périnéale ensures all women receive government subsidised postnatal physiotherapy access. This is not a one off, it is until you’ve met your goals (Yes, you read that correctly.).

The American College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists (ACOG) guidelines have also highlighted the need for continued post-partum support for mummies, including a visit to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.


As they say, once postnatal, always postnatal…If you never had your ‘6 week check’ – it’s never too late.

It’s good to know when things are common vs normal. It’s good to know that you don’t have to live with it. Your Women’s Health Physiotherapist is well placed to help assess and educate you on what’s common, normal and what your options are.

If you feel like you could benefit from specialised guidance and treatment for your postnatal recovery or return to exercise, reach out by calling/whatsapp 9780 7274 or email help@embracephysio.sg.

5 Star Google Reviews
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I had a great experience at Embrace physiotherapy with Dr Preet. I started my journey the last trimester of my pregnancy to assess my pelvic floor strength and relaxation level. Dr Preet helped me go through until the end of my pregnancy with exercise plan for the pelvic floor, my hips and quads. My delivery went very smoothly and I am lucky to not have tear or abs separation. I went back after delivery to strengthen back my pelvic floor and got discharge with the chance to fully get back to my usual sport practice. Dr Preet has been wonderful. She listens to your needs carefully and take the time to evaluate your body range of movement. It was also nice to feel understood and share experience as a new mother.

thumb Meggie CL
April 29, 2022

I'd definitely recommend Embrace for after birth physiotherapy recovery. Brenda Lee, my physio, has been very professional, precise and supportive, all one's needs to feel in better shape after giving birth. The Embrace team is lovely and always very reactive when it comes to changing appointment dates. Don't hesitate, they're the best !

thumb Lou m
November 25, 2021

I had a wonderful experience with Brenda throughout my post partum recovery. She is very friendly and experienced and it definitely shows as she is able to make me feel at ease and comfortable as she navigates me through the exercises and steps to get me back to where I want to be. Appreciate the help and for making it easy especially with motherhood alr being a challenge. Thanks 🙂

thumb Liying Ho
March 31, 2022

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