Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are a team of women, running a clinic for women.

We are passionate about what we do and we make it our mission to make sure nobody with pain or pelvic floor dysfunction is suffering in silence. All our physiotherapists are APHC registered and have either completed post-graduate training within pelvic health or are working towards this. With our collective and extensive backgrounds working in public and private practice across the globe, it allows us to provide comprehensive care to solve your concerns inside and outside.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, listen to your story and share our expertise with you.

Meet Our Client Experience Team

Suhana Laila
Practice Manager

Suhana is a mum of two boisterous boys, ages three and four. Before Embrace, she was busy working behind the scenes as an arts manager in Singapore’s national performing arts centre. After a short stint as a stay-at-home mum during the pandemic, she started at Embrace in Dec 2020, where she enjoys the communal nature of helping women.

The move from filing calendars with arts programmes to calendars of physiotherapy appointments has been challenging, but always game for something new, Suhana relishes in rolling her sleeves up and doing the work. She loves working with a passionate and dedicated team of colleagues. Always striving to help people and deliver an all-round memorable experience for those who come to Embrace, Suhana would love to find you the best spot in the diary!

Outside of work, Suhana enjoys being outdoors with her family and often go on long walks with them. She appreciates food, is learning how to cook better, and loves feeling connected with the food she eats and the people she cooks for.

Best thing about being at Embrace?
Being witness to empowered women empowering women – seeing our dedicated and knowledgeable physiotherapists working their hardest day in and day out, to help our patients achieve their health goals.

How do you Embrace Life?
Taking things one at a time, and not letting life overwhelm me.

With Guilty pleasure(s)?
I’ve got a few. Watching police procedurals with two (three?) of Vermont’s finest – Ben & Jerry’s and my husband!

Denise Dayon
Client Experience Officer

As a trained nutritionist, Denise has an extensive experience in the field of long-term care in the U.S., specifically working with geriatric and elderly populations. With over six years of dedicated service in this area, she has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in providing care and support to older adults in need. She is very passionate about health and wellness, and being of service to others, especially in a health care setting.

When she moved to Singapore back in 2011, she joined a health and wellness company focused on supplements and organic food. Later on, she also became part of a startup perfume company.

She is also a loving and dedicated wife and a mother of two children, aged 8 and 4. She is a nurturing parent, always putting her children’s needs and well-being first. She enjoys spending quality time with her kids, whether it’s reading bedtime stories, playing games, or going on outings to the park or museum.

Best thing about being at Embrace?
The best thing about being at Embrace is that we are able to focus on the health care needs of women. With a clear intention to empower them by gaining back their strength and confidence. Additionally, a community of women helping other women is beauty in itself.

How do you Embrace Life?
I Embrace life by reminding myself to be mindful of my thoughts, my intentions and my purpose. During the pandemic, like many others, I lost someone very dear to me. It was a wakeup call to value every moment, family and friends.

What are your guilty pleasure(s)?
My guilty pleasures are watching romcoms, eating ice cream and reading juicy historical gossips.

Mica Tee
Client Experience Officer

An impassioned explorer of life’s endless wonders who embraces every opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Prior to joining Embrace, Mica dedicated most of her career years serving in the ever-evolving world of technology industry as a Marketing leader. As a future enthusiast and problem solver, she drove transformative growth and created compelling brand experiences through her customer-centric mindset and holistic approach to encompass brand strategy, digital marketing, customer engagement and integrated campaigns. In addition to her pursuits in Marketing acumen, she is deeply committed to personal development and self-improvement. She embraces lifelong learning, seeking ways to enhance her skill and broaden her knowledge.

Behind the scenes, Mica is a tea lover, a gourmet and culinary adventurer. Indulging in savoring the flavors of diverging cultures and discovering the art of gastronomy around the world.

One other fun fact about Mica is that she is an unabashed cat lover. Her love for cats runs deep and it brings so much warmth and joy to her life. She has adopted 5 kitties and they have taught her patience, empathy, and the ability to appreciate the little moments of joy. It’s also a reminder to slow down, embrace playfulness and find solace in the simple pleasures the cats effortlessly embody.

Best thing I value about being at Embrace?
At Embrace, every team member is a leader. Your ideas and contributions are welcomed and valued, providing an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters innovation and empowers team members to think outside the box and make a meaningful impact.

How do you Embrace Life?
Be authentic and embrace who I truly am – living to align with my values, passions and beliefs. It’s about finding joy in the little moments, being open to novel experiences that broaden horizons, seeking and nurturing personal growth and well-being.

With Guilty pleasures?
Soufflé. Tiramisu. Truffle chocolate. Retail therapy treating myself to a shopping spree when I don’t necessarily need anything.

5 Star Google Reviews
Embrace Physiotherapy is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

My experience with Embrace Physiotherapy was awesome! I highly recommend them especially to those with women's issues. Right from the front counter to the therapists, they were all very professional and have warm personalities. Preet and Brenda made me feel very comfortable in every sessions. My recovery period was an emotional journey but they were very supportive throughout. Not only were they very specialised in their areas but they have been great listeners too. I am really grateful and thankful to have met the whole team ❤ Thank u Embrace Physiotherapy!

Suhaili Ali Avatar Suhaili Ali
February 20, 2023

Professional, Knowledgeable, Patient and Caring - highly recommended! I’ve completed 8 sessions with Preet to prepare for birth and a follow up post birth and was impressed at her level of care. She does a thorough assessment while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Preet

Leanne Avatar Leanne
September 30, 2021

My experience with embrace from start to finish was nothing short of professional, warm and understanding. After my third pregnancy, I had lots of dull, heavy tugging pain low in my abdomen. I had also been suffering for years with urinary hesitancy. Went to so many different doctors and specialists to find out what was causing it, with no luck. It was only when I chanced upon embrace’s blog did I get some insight (or even awareness at all) into women’s pelvic health. I wrote in to enquire, and my worries were met with assurance and suggestions, at no cost. Preet is friendly, approachable and made me feel comfortable throughout what could have been an embarrassing therapy. It was so comforting to finally be heard, understood and not dismissed as “this is normal” the way all the doctors had. No amount of reading up compares to having real time feedback with kegels by a trained professional. 6 months in and I feel a world of difference! If anyone out there feels any less about her body after pregnancy or feels pain or discomfort in any way, or resorted to accepting “this is my new normal”, trust me you’re not alone. If you’re living in the east, I’d recommend embrace physiotherapy. They don’t pressure you to commit to regular sessions at all. No harm giving it a shot!

ayshaalkaff Avatar ayshaalkaff
June 27, 2022

Embrace life. Embrace Physiotherapy.

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