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We are a team of women, running a clinic for women.

We are passionate about what we do and we make it our mission to make sure nobody with pain or pelvic floor dysfunction is suffering in silence. All our physiotherapists are APHC registered and have either completed post-graduate training within pelvic health or are working towards this. With our collective and extensive backgrounds working in public and private practice across the globe, it allows us to provide comprehensive care to solve your concerns inside and outside.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, listen to your story and share our expertise with you.

Meet Our Client Experience Team

Suhana Laila
Practice Manager

Suhana is a mum of two boisterous boys, ages three and four. Before Embrace, she was busy working behind the scenes as an arts manager in Singapore’s national performing arts centre. After a short stint as a stay-at-home mum during the pandemic, she started at Embrace in Dec 2020, where she enjoys the communal nature of helping women.

The move from filing calendars with arts programmes to calendars of physiotherapy appointments has been challenging, but always game for something new, Suhana relishes in rolling her sleeves up and doing the work. She loves working with a passionate and dedicated team of colleagues. Always striving to help people and deliver an all-round memorable experience for those who come to Embrace, Suhana would love to find you the best spot in the diary!

Outside of work, Suhana enjoys being outdoors with her family and often go on long walks with them. She appreciates food, is learning how to cook better, and loves feeling connected with the food she eats and the people she cooks for.

Best thing about being at Embrace?
Being witness to empowered women empowering women – seeing our dedicated and knowledgeable physiotherapists working their hardest day in and day out, to help our patients achieve their health goals.

How do you Embrace Life?
Taking things one at a time, and not letting life overwhelm me.

With Guilty pleasure(s)?
I’ve got a few. Watching police procedurals with two (three?) of Vermont’s finest – Ben & Jerry’s and my husband!

Alicia Ying
Client Experience Officer

Alicia is Mom to a gregarious and sociable 7-years-old girl and a sweet little boy who is all of 18 months old. Giving birth at the beginning of April in 2020, and coming home to a circuit breaker with a newborn in tow…she has faced a year of discovery, challenges and renewal.

Following a hiatus of almost two years, she then re-entered the workforce with renewed enthusiasm and is eagerly working on this journey ahead.

Alicia believes that the various touch points of customer and patient service will enhance the patient experience and journey at Embrace Physiotherapy – and thus aims to make each encounter with our patients who walk through our clinic’s glass doors as pleasant and as smooth as possible.

She would like to be continually anticipative of both the patients’ and practitioners’ needs, and hopes that she can progressively become a stronger support pillar of the Embrace team.

When she gets to wind down, Alicia enjoys a glass of wine (or three) with a side platter of cheese. She loves a hearty steak, and all sorts of irresistible carb dishes and soups – be they local or international cuisine!

Best thing about being at Embrace?
What I definitely value at Embrace are the strong work ethics, great support among colleagues, and the positive vibes that the team exudes.

How do you Embrace Life?
Being mindful to stop and take time to live in the moment, though easier said than done!

With Guilty pleasure(s)?
Bingeing on The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, burgers, pizzas and cheeses.

5 Star Google Reviews
Embrace Physiotherapy is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

I had a wonderful experience with Brenda throughout my post partum recovery. She is very friendly and experienced and it definitely shows as she is able to make me feel at ease and comfortable as she navigates me through the exercises and steps to get me back to where I want to be. Appreciate the help and for making it easy especially with motherhood alr being a challenge. Thanks 🙂

Liying Ho Avatar Liying Ho
March 31, 2022

I had a fantastic experience visiting Preet’s clinic 6 weeks after I delivered my baby. The physio Alex was detailed, caring and thorough in her assessment of my pelvic floor, back and abdominal muscles. The clinic is a beautiful, calming place and perfect for new mums to get taken care of. Thank you and I would definitely recommend visiting Embrace not just for post-partum issues, but any issues to do with your physical well being particularly for women’s health. Keep up the good work Preet, Alex and the Embrace team!!

Ashima Taneja Avatar Ashima Taneja
February 3, 2022

Was recommended by a friend to embrace physiotherapy, I was having bad recurring blocked ducts/mastitis and was desperate. I’m served by a very welcoming and friendly counter lady (forgot to get her name) and my therapists Preet and Brenda are very professional and helpful, they helped get my stubborn blocked ducts cleared in 3 sessions. Preet also referred me to someone who helped with the recurring mastitis. Will probably still experience the same problem if I haven’t visit them, super thankful for the help!

Kate Oxyz Avatar Kate Oxyz
September 2, 2022

Embrace life. Embrace Physiotherapy.

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