The 6-Week Mark: Postnatal Appointment

The excitement of a positive pregnancy test brings a multitude of decisions and appointments. You’ve planned for your paediatrician, gynaecologist/obstetrician, lactation consultant, and well-baby clinic visits, but have you planned for your six-week women’s health physiotherapist appointment?




It is a one-hour-long discussion focused on you.

It involves a thorough discussion about your pregnancy, birth experience, and goals. The appointment includes a detailed inquiry into your past medical history, any aches or pains, pelvic health, sleep, sex, feeding, and exercise.

Finally, depending on your symptoms and goals, we will move on to the assessment of:


In a short amount of time, your doctor will usually cover the following:

  • Screen for Postnatal Depression
  • Check if the cervix has closed up
  • Discuss birth control and family planning
  • Check the healing stitches (either perineal/vaginal or from a c-section)
  • Conduct a pap smear if needed
  • Advise you when to exercise

You may consider yourself lucky if your doctor checks for the presence of diastasis recti, recommends pelvic floor exercises, or even refers you for a women’s health physiotherapist assessment (if you know of this unicorn, please share details!).


After your six-week check-up with your obstetrician/gynaecologist, it’s an ideal time to schedule your appointment, although not mandatory. Waiting for this allows your body to naturally undergo its healing process. However, if you’re encountering any concerns that are causing discomfort, we encourage you to reach out and book an appointment sooner. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to address any changes or issues promptly.

These changes may include the following:

  • Bowel changes: constipation, incontinence, haemorrhoids, urgency
  • Bladder changes: incontinence, hesitancy, frequency, urgency, retention
  • Pelvic pressure or heaviness, visualisation, or a lump or bulge in the vagina
  • Perineal Trauma: pain from your tear or episiotomy
  • Pelvic girdle, neck, back, or wrist pain
  • Eagerness to resume exercise promptly and seeking guidance

In these instances, seeking care sooner rather than later enables us to assess your situation, provide essential education, and equip you with the skills necessary to optimise your recovery. Life’s already tough with a newborn, let’s take the guesswork out of your recovery process.


Absolutely! Speaking both as a professional and a mum of three!

When it comes to postnatal physiotherapy, the French have got this right. Rééducation Périnéale ensures that all women have access to government-subsidised postnatal physiotherapy. What sets this apart is that it’s not just a one-off service, it continues until you’ve achieved your goals!

Similarly, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines have also highlighted the need for continued postpartum support for mummies, including a visit to a women’s health physiotherapist. How heartening is it that this standard care, during a mum’s tender stage, is given more recognition!


You know what they say, once postnatal, always postnatal!

If you still want to have your “six-week check”, let’s talk!

It’s good to know when things are common vs normal and even better to know that there is hope. Your women’s health physiotherapist is here for you to assess your situation and provide education on what is common, what is normal, and most importantly, the options available to you. 

If you feel like you could benefit from specialised guidance and treatment for your postnatal recovery or return to exercise, please call or WhatsApp us at 9780 7274, or email us at help@embracephysio.sg to make an appointment.

Feel free to look through our website, where you can learn about other women’s health conditions we treat. This is a safe space where we can discuss how we can help you with physiotherapy.

Note: While I am a physiotherapist, I am not your personal physiotherapist. The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as personal medical advice.


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Thank you so much Embrace Physiotherapy! It’s been a great experience with you. Special Thanks to my Physio Alex who has been quite patient, detailed, caring and of course, for helping me with my on and off knee pain due to a workout injury. Highly recommended! Very accommodating and lovely people. ☺️

Micah Thomson Avatar Micah Thomson
September 18, 2022

I would highly recommend Embrace Physiotherapy. For starters, I like that this practice is meant for women, hence very focused on the needs of women patients. All the staff are very friendly, pleasant and easygoing. Also, they took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, and patiently worked towards my fitness goals post-partum. Brenda is a joy to work with and I wouldn't hesitate recommending my friends to Embrace Physiotherapy.

Gillian Yun Wang Avatar Gillian Yun Wang
September 17, 2022

Embrace physiotherapy was my first Physio experience. I had been having issues 3+ years postpartum and I had therapy from both Preet and Brenda. They were both fantastic therapists and helped me with separate issues such as alignment and my constant UTI's. I did my first ever Pilates class in their very well equipped studio in Joo Chiat as well which I loved! Was really pleased with the outcome of my sessions! Learnt some new moves and felt so much better!!

Kara Bensley Avatar Kara Bensley
November 8, 2023

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