Meet Embrace Physiotherapist Brenda lee

Brenda Lee

Senior Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Brenda graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. She has spent the last 6 years working at Changi General Hospital where she was a team lead in the musculoskeletal outpatient department.

It was a chance encounter with a pregnant patient suffering from back pain and urinary incontinence that ignited her interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Apart from the underlying musculoskeletal problems, she had to navigate the intricate world of human relations and build trust with her patients to understand more about their pelvic health issues –made more difficult as these issues are still regarded as highly sensitive in Singapore’s culture today. She believes knowledge in women’s health empowers her patients to manage these conditions better and as such, aims to put the comfort of her patients first and to develop a two-way therapeutic relationship.

She is undergoing further training and professional development in the area of pelvic floor dysfunction, and pre and postnatal rehabilitation with the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Brenda is also a certified pre and postnatal yoga teacher and FMT (Functional Movement Training) rock taping practitioner.

In her spare time, Brenda tries to stay active with yoga to maintain both physical and mental health. She is also an avid tea lover.

Brenda speaks fluent English and Mandarin.

AHPC Singapore registered Physiotherapist


  • BSc (1st Class Hons) in Physiotherapy, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Level 1 Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy Pathway, Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • Certified Hydrotherapist – Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Aquatic Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Conditions (Lumbar spine and Lower Limb)
  • Functional Movement Training Rock Taping certified
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Unit A
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling – Applications for Pain, Management and Sports injuries; GEMt
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence & Pelvic Organ Prolapse; Womens Health Training Associates

Best thing about being a physio?
Being able to help people feel different: giving them the confidence to try something that has been too painful or frightening to do; to move more freely and take control of their lives. I wouldn’t dare say I transform people’s lives but being a physio allows me to care for people not just their illness. Being a part of their recovery journey during rehabilitation is the best thing a physio can ask for.

One great thing is also while making sure my patients have the right technique during their exercises, I’m also achieving my daily exercise goals by doing exercises with them!

How do you Embrace Life?
Love fully, laugh daily, be silly. Embrace new ways of thinking as every interaction is a path to growth!

Guilty pleasure?
Late night supper with my husband while binge watching Netflix. Online shopping and adding loads of stuff to my favorites list.

Brenda aims to put the comfort of her patients first and to develop a two-way therapeutic relationship.

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5 Star Google Reviews
At Embrace, we commit to the highest standards to create purposeful journeys with our patients.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Patient and Caring - highly recommended! I’ve completed 8 sessions with Preet to prepare for birth and a follow up post birth and was impressed at her level of care. She does a thorough assessment while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Preet

Leanne Avatar Leanne
September 30, 2021

Was recommended by a friend to embrace physiotherapy, I was having bad recurring blocked ducts/mastitis and was desperate. I’m served by a very welcoming and friendly counter lady (forgot to get her name) and my therapists Preet and Brenda are very professional and helpful, they helped get my stubborn blocked ducts cleared in 3 sessions. Preet also referred me to someone who helped with the recurring mastitis. Will probably still experience the same problem if I haven’t visit them, super thankful for the help!

Kate Oxyz Avatar Kate Oxyz
September 2, 2022

Always love coming to embrace. Both preet and brenda have been nothing but really encouraging and supportive on my journey to solve my lower back pain. Feels really comfortable going to them, knowing that it is a journey and they will recommend me suitable exercises to do at home as well. Special mention to the receptionist who assisted me one time when i had sharp pain in my back and had to urgently drop by for a visit! highly recommended!

sherry lu Avatar sherry lu
May 11, 2023

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