Pregnancy & Postnatal Classes in Singapore

Physiotherapist and Therapist led group classes 

Our classes are personalised to support every mum’s journey to embracing life and motherhood from pregnancy and beyond. Be part of the wellness community that comes together through ‘pelvic floor safe’ focus classes, welcoming participants at any stage of pregnancy and from 2 weeks postpartum.

While our current classes are joined by the Embrace community, we’re excited to have more mums on board! If you’re new to Embrace, simply schedule a pre-group class Physiotherapy initial assessment for a one-on-one initial assessment with our Physiotherapist to ensure that the care you receive and the classes you join will be exactly what you need.

5 Star Google Reviews
At Embrace, we commit to the highest standards to create purposeful journeys with our patients.

I saw Preet for a few months with my concerns. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and has incredible bedside manner. Her guidance through my journey has been gentle and she addressed my concerns with a very holistic approach. Every consultation has given me great insight about my issues and I felt heard every step of the way. The clinic also feels warm, cozy and welcoming and makes me look forward to my appointments. Reception is always very friendly and it's a breeze to schedule appointments. Communication has always been easy and fast. Highly recommend Preet and her team!

Jo Lee Avatar Jo Lee
April 26, 2024

I’ve been working with both Brenda and Preet throughout my two pregnancies. They’ve been kind, professional and reassuring. I’ve had a wonderful birthing and post natal experience thanks to them. Would highly recommend their services!

Yun Pei Koh Avatar Yun Pei Koh
January 20, 2024

My experience with embrace from start to finish was nothing short of professional, warm and understanding. After my third pregnancy, I had lots of dull, heavy tugging pain low in my abdomen. I had also been suffering for years with urinary hesitancy. Went to so many different doctors and specialists to find out what was causing it, with no luck. It was only when I chanced upon embrace’s blog did I get some insight (or even awareness at all) into women’s pelvic health. I wrote in to enquire, and my worries were met with assurance and suggestions, at no cost. Preet is friendly, approachable and made me feel comfortable throughout what could have been an embarrassing therapy. It was so comforting to finally be heard, understood and not dismissed as “this is normal” the way all the doctors had. No amount of reading up compares to having real time feedback with kegels by a trained professional. 6 months in and I feel a world of difference! If anyone out there feels any less about her body after pregnancy or feels pain or discomfort in any way, or resorted to accepting “this is my new normal”, trust me you’re not alone. If you’re living in the east, I’d recommend embrace physiotherapy. They don’t pressure you to commit to regular sessions at all. No harm giving it a shot!

ayshaalkaff Avatar ayshaalkaff
June 27, 2022

Embrace life with physiotherapy today.

Physiotherapy may be able to help you with how you’re feeling. Whenever you’re ready, our physiotherapists will be here to empower you in your journey.