Real-time Ultrasound Imaging

Real-time Ultrasound Imaging In Katong, Singapore

RTUS is a pain free, non-invasive and a valuable biofeedback tool, that allows women’s health physiotherapists to view images of your tissues and organs.

  • Pelvic floor: Seeing is believing especially when trying to train pelvic floor muscles that you can’t see or easily feel.
  • Overactive Bladder, Voiding Dysfunction or recurrent UTIs: If we are worried about your bladder not fully emptying, we may recommend measuring a Post-Void Residual (PVR)
  • Diastasis recti: We may use the machine to measure the width of your abdominal separation and/or use it to train muscle activation of your deep core including your transverse abdominis muscle.

Real Time Ultrasound under the guidance of a trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist is applied externally either trans-abdominal or trans-perineal. We do not insert these internally, nor are they used to diagnose conditions.

RTUS can be safely used while pregnant, as well as after you have delivered your baby.

There is no additional charge.

5 Star Google Reviews
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Really glad to have Alex as my therapist! She helped me tremendously in resolving my pelvic pain issues after delivery. I sought help from a couple of places, but they were of little use. Thankfully, I met Alex who has the experience and patience to accurately diagnose the issue and treat my pain. On top of that, Alex and the staff at Embrace are very friendly, and it was a great experience overall. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering from postpartum pains to visit Alex at Embrace!

Tash L Avatar Tash L
January 11, 2022

I chanced upon Embrace after a brief search on Google. The all-female staff and physios is what made me decide to book an appointment. You can see all their smiley faces on the website and I sent a message through watsapp immediately. Efficient response within a few hours and the rest is history. I am fortunate to be served by both Brenda and Preet. To be honest, my experience there for almost a year do not feel like a typical consultation or rehab session. They are client centric and all ears to your needs. I had great conversations while being comfortable discussing about my pelvic floor health. You don’t have to be shy asking questions when you want to make the best out of every session. You are in good hands with their knowledge and experience. I have benefited and improved the quality of my pelvic floor health by following a well devised plan. I went in from almost a prolapse and weak PF. Now, i feel my best getting back to running and strength training. Look no further if you want to be in the best of hands for your pelvic floor health. Thank you Embrace!

marlina amad ali Avatar marlina amad ali
April 28, 2023

I had some sessions with Preet from half of my pregnancy to 7 months and it was a total relief. During pregnancy, Preet helps me with sciatic nerve and after delivery she helped me with c-section scar and perineal floor. It was each time a total relief. Preet and her staff are very kind. You can go without asking question!

Corinne GRONDIN Avatar Corinne GRONDIN
January 15, 2024

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