Embrace Birth with Embrace Physiotherapy

At Embrace Physiotherapy, we understand that pregnancy is a remarkable journey—a time of anticipation, transformation, and profound connection. Our mission? To empower you, the mum-to-be, with practical tailored guidance and unwavering support.

Your 20th week is when we get to know you! You can be seen earlier than this, but internal vaginal exams are performed no earlier than 16 weeks as per guidelines. The vaginal exam stands as the gold standard for assessment of the pelvic floor. If there is any medical contraindication, or you simply do not want to take the exam, an ultrasound assessment will be offered.

We understand that this journey is a highly personal one, and we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Embrace Birth is also your own guide to your postpartum recovery, helping you understand what works best for you and how you can connect with your body. This is not a substitute for regular antenatal education but an additional resource focusing on putting you first. We want to help you recover from day one post-delivery and to reduce any risk of trauma. Above all, this is all about you, mum! Our priority is to support you on your unique journey to recovery.

Our priority is to ensure you’re well-prepared for a positive birthing experience.

We Can Help You With

  • 1:1 appointments with your physiotherapist to guide you through your pregnancy
  • Setting expections through your pregnancy
  • Optimal pelvic health through your pregnancy
  • Manage dysfunction if they occur
  • Birth planning and preparation
  • Allaying birth fears
  • Postpartum recovery

Be sure to book in for your birth preparation via the Prenatal Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy consultation and treatment appointment type on the booking page.

We’re here for you on your journey to motherhood and recovery.

What to expect from your appointment

All sessions will cover the following:

  • A comprehensive pelvic floor assessment through a vaginal exam or a transperineal ultrasound
  • A highly personalised pelvic floor and wholebody exercise programme
  • Manual therapy as needed
  • Addressing any pain you may be feeling

20-week appointment

  • Initial pelvic floor and musculoskeletal assessment
  • If further appointments are required before 30 weeks will also be discussed during this session

30-week appointment

  • Debrief on past birth experiences
  • Understanding your birth plan
  • Birth preparation education covering the anatomy of labour, labour stages, breathing, perineal trauma, protection strategies, and pain management

34-week appointment

  • Perineal massage training, preferably with your partner

36 to 40-week appointment

  • Ensure optimal pelvic floor health
  • Explore and practice breathing and birthing positions that work for you
  • Cover postpartum expectations
  • Measurements for SRC recovery wear
  • Weekly session recommendations until birth for those at higher risk of pelvic floor trauma to be discussed as needed
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At Embrace, we commit to the highest standards to create purposeful journeys with our patients.

Great experience at embrace physio with Preet, she followed me through my pregnancy the post partum recovery

Fanny Lalau Avatar Fanny Lalau
August 5, 2022

Years ago, I approached doctors and gynaecologists to find out why penetration was so difficult for me and how to resolve it, but they couldn't understand that it was a problem, possibly because I was young, not married and without children. I later heard about vaginismus, but didn't know what to do about it since I had already approached doctors. In late 2022 I found out from Embrace's social media page that women's health physiotherapy existed, and made an appointment. I worked with Brenda, then Preet. They were able to identify the different muscle groups in my pelvic area, and tell me what exercises I can use to release the tension. I was able to progress from an initial zero-tolerance to touch at the entrance, to the ability to self-insert a 3cm width dilator without issues. My body awareness has increased a lot, and a large mental block about sex and post-pregnancy recovery has cleared. I strongly encourage women facing similar issues to find out if women's health physiotherapy can help you too.

Fresna Lin Avatar Fresna Lin
February 11, 2024

I was seen by both Mary and Preet, and have had a wonderful experience at Embrace with both of them. Strongly recommend for all new moms as essential postpartum self-care!

tryphena chan Avatar tryphena chan
October 8, 2021

Embrace life with physiotherapy today.

Physiotherapy may be able to help you with how you’re feeling. Whenever you’re ready, our physiotherapists will be here to empower you in your journey.