Dry Needling Services In Katong, Singapore

Dry needling involves the use of a sterile, fine filament needle. The needle is inserted into areas of the muscles known as trigger points. Trigger points are often hyperirritable spots and by inserting a needle into said trigger point, it can eilict a local twitch response from the muscle, causing a cramping-like sensation.

  • Chronic Pain including endometriosis, pelvic pain and painful periods.
  • Neck / Back / Wrist / Knee Pain
  • Headaches
  • Hip and Gluteal Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Overtime, trigger points can develop in muscles due to injury, changes in the way you use your body or as a protective mechanism. This can result in a reduction of blood flow to and from the area leading to a buildup of chemicals resulting in pain, weakness and loss in mobility. Dry needling allows for a local twitch response to restore said blood flow, promoting the muscle regeneration process and reducing tension in muscles.

While both techniques might look similar, the fundamental belief differs greatly. Dry needling focuses on treating myofascial pain by eliciting a local twitch response from trigger point areas, while acupuncture focuses on treating an illness that is usually a result of blocked or interrupted Chi energy. Dry needling a trigger point may last up to 15 seconds, whereas in acupuncture needles may be left for up to 20 mins or longer.

Some patients may complain of muscle soreness or bruising for up to 48hrs post treatment. On some occasions there may be some bleeding due to the puncturing of capillaries.

There is no additional charge.

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I can't recommend Embrace enough! Brenda and team have been incredibly helpful with my pelvic floor issues. She has created a comfortable and supportive environment, making it easy for me to discuss my concerns. Through her guidance, Brenda has made a significant difference in my journey to better health & deepen my understanding of the pelvic floor muscles! Thank you Team 🙂

LifeofAndrea Avatar LifeofAndrea
May 23, 2024

I highly recommend Embrace. Unlike most, my journey with them was a little different. It was treatment for my pelvic floor recovery post L5S1 fusion with cauda equina. My therapist Brenda was fantastic. Not only was she very professional, but she made me very comfortable from the very 1st minute. Always encouraging, I felt assured and confident with her during my recovery period. Today i got discharged after a 4 month treatment and i cant thank Brenda more. Thank you for walking this journey with me.

Haryati Richli Avatar Haryati Richli
January 24, 2022

Highly recommend Embrace Physiotheraphy and special mention to Brenda, who has been most patient and kind to guide me through my post natal recovery. The sessions have been most helpful!

wendy goh Avatar wendy goh
January 7, 2022

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