Embrace Your Journey: A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health

We recognise that women’s health is a harmonious balance, incorporating five key elements: pelvic, physical, hormonal, nutritional, and emotional well-being. We also understand that these elements are further influenced by factors like beliefs, sleep, stress, environment, and your lived experiences.

Our Philosophy:
We walk alongside you in a partnership, listening to your story and collaborating with you, to unpack your concerns and identify the root causes affecting your health.

We empower you with knowledge and understanding about your condition and treatment options, enabling you to make informed decisions about your journey while giving you clarity.

We co-create a personalised treatment plan that respects your preferences, goals, and individual needs.

Your Treatment Journey is a Six-Phase Journey:

1. Explore: We delve into your story, identify contributing factors, and diagnose any underlying conditions. Collaborating with other healthcare professionals, we ensure you receive a comprehensive assessment.

2. Empower: We equip you with knowledge about your condition and various treatment options. Together, we set clear goals and develop a personalised plan that addresses your specific needs, including how to pee and poo if necessary. This will help build your toolkit.

3. Recover: Using evidence-based techniques, along with intuition and your preference we start to ease your pain or dysfunction. Hands-on physiotherapy to help address pain, inflammation, tissue sensitivity, and mobility, while we also adopt techniques such as mindfulness, breathwork, movement modification, strengthening exercises, yoga, pilates (mat or reformer). You may be then given an exercise programme to follow at home between sessions. Hands-on physiotherapy, and mindful practices like breathwork and movement modification, allow us to help you manage pain, improve mobility, and restore function.

4. Restore: We gradually transition you towards self-management, teaching you optimal movement patterns and incorporating activities you may have previously avoided. Techniques such as mindfulness, breathwork, movement modification and strengthening exercises are adopted. We help you to teach your body more optimal movement patterns and bodily functions. Group classes can also be incorporated at this stage.

5. Consolidate: Through repetition, we build strength, balance, and mobility, challenging your body and fostering a deeper understanding of its capabilities. We help you to embrace life.

6. Transform: We empower you with preventative strategies, life skills, and a renewed sense of well-being, ready to embrace life with confidence.

Our Team: Our team of passionate and dedicated professionals, driven by clinical excellence, brings this unique approach to life. We are curious, intuitive, and committed to partnering with you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.

5 Star Google Reviews
At Embrace, we commit to the highest standards to create purposeful journeys with our patients.

Embrace's team is always friendly and professional. Brenda has been my physiotherapist. Her personalized approach to pelvic floor and abdominal exercises, combined with a warm and supportive environment, set the stage for positive and effective sessions. I highly recommend Brenda for anyone seeking personalized and comprehensive postnatal care.

Cindy Gizard Avatar Cindy Gizard
February 14, 2024

Professional, Knowledgeable, Patient and Caring - highly recommended! I’ve completed 8 sessions with Preet to prepare for birth and a follow up post birth and was impressed at her level of care. She does a thorough assessment while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Preet

Leanne Avatar Leanne
September 30, 2021

I highly recommend Embrace. Unlike most, my journey with them was a little different. It was treatment for my pelvic floor recovery post L5S1 fusion with cauda equina. My therapist Brenda was fantastic. Not only was she very professional, but she made me very comfortable from the very 1st minute. Always encouraging, I felt assured and confident with her during my recovery period. Today i got discharged after a 4 month treatment and i cant thank Brenda more. Thank you for walking this journey with me.

Haryati Richli Avatar Haryati Richli
January 24, 2022

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